ABC Energy Savings

108 Snow Pond Rd, Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-344-4540

Button Up and Solar Up is a collaboration of 3 NH companies to provide a holistic analysis of a home and appropriate energy improvements, from weatherization to renewable energy like solar photovoltaic to use sunshine to make electricity. ABC Energy Savings (Bow) acts as the home owners' energy advisor, and does the initial analysis of the whole home, from reviewing energy bills to crawling around in the attic and basement. This is done with a US DOE Home Energy Score analysis and report, and in addition a solar site analysis if practical. If the home qualifies for a NH energy program, 50% of the insulation and related work is paid for by the program (up to $4,000). If investing in solar array, incentives include 30% Federal tax credit, state rebate, and low interest financing is available. Weatherization work is performed by Shakes to Shingles (Bow) and solar installed by Harmony Energy Works (Hampton) using only USA made solar panels. Once work is completed, the Home Energy Score is updated to show your improved rating in terms of the homes' energy efficiency rating and can be put into the NH MLS when selling the home. Commercial and farm programs are available too. All financial incentives are subject to change without notice. KACC Member discount of 25% off cost of US DOE Home Energy Score.
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