Warner Business Meeting

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting


The Board of Directors Meeting was held at Main Street Bookends on 2/21/03 at Noon. Lunch ( at a cost of $6.00 per person) was provided by Foothills of Warner. A quorum was present.

Jere Henley, President, called the meeting to order.

Secretaryís Report

The minutes from the Annual Meeting held on 1/27/03 were approved unanimously.

Treasurerís Report

No Treasurerís report was given as the Treasurer was on vacation and unable to attend.

A question was asked if the $500 had been sent to the Beautification Committee for the Town of Warner. Ed Mical felt it had not, but would check into it.

Old Business

What is the number of unpaid members? Dan will check but felt that 50 out of 68 had paid. Dan said a list of members and directors is on the web site.

Membership Committee-( Marc Violette, Chair , Barbara Maki and Kay Steen.) A discussion ensued concerning the items the committee needs to address:

  1. Create a list of benefits for joining the WBA
  2. Develop strategies on how to increase membership
  3. Reinvoice those members who have not paid

Blood Drive

Jim Henley reported that we had 55 pints from 61 donors. To date the WBA has collected 207 pints in 4 drives. The next drive is in May. We will aim for 75 pints. Jim mentioned that he had plenty of volunteers and sent some away. Marc talked about having a couple more people for the cleanup to make it run smoother and faster.

New Business

Discussion of 2003 goals for WBA-ways to increase membership. Suggestion made to hold quarterly seminars in different subjects such as the internet, hiring/firing, employee handbooks, insurance, etc and use the talent in the organization to teach these seminars.

Barbara Scarpino will chair a Program Committee with John Healy also on the committee. We will be looking for additional members. This committee will coordinate the seminars as well as "Business After Hours". John will come up with a mailing asking the existing members what kinds of subjects they would like to see at a seminar. He will also include the date of the next Board meeting. The Program Committee will meet on 2/26 at11am at Warner Power.

Kay mentioned that many business people feel that since it is a Board meeting, they should not attend. She also felt the organization needed to promote itself more. Marc talked about a quarterly mailing of a Newsletter that would let businesses know what the WBA was working on.

Marc said the Candidateís Night was set for 3/5 03 at 7pm in the Lower Meeting Room of the Warner Town Hall. Deb Martone will be the moderator. Candidates for town office have been invited. Ed Mical will go through the warrant. There will also be discussion of the budget.

Jere talked about the second goal for the WBA for 2003- to improve the organizationís knowledge base regarding commercial growth and the local impact of same with the goal of becoming a) a local reference point for existing and new businesses, b) an organization that will monitor and develop positions regarding local development/growth controls and requirements and c) a local business oriented contact organization for potential new businesses to Warner. To this end, he has invited Mike Tardiff from the Central NH Planning Commission to speak to the board and any members present at our next meeting on 3/21/03. There was also discussion to have a WBA member represent Warner on the Capitol Regional Development Corporation.

Discussion of replacing the fence outside the Town Hall. Marc has volunteered to contact Selectmen and get pricing. Marc had left for another appointment by the time this item was discussed.

It was announced that there is an open Director position. Board members should have some names for the next meeting. This position will be appointed by the Board.

The next meeting will be Noon on 3/21/03 at Main Street Bookends. Lunch will be provided at cost. Members should RSVP to secretary@wba.warner.nh.us by Friday, 3/21/03 no later than 8am to reserve lunch.

There being no further business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara A. Scarpino, Secretary