Warner Business Association

Minutes of the Annual Meeting


The Annual Meeting of the Warner Business Association was held at Warner Power on 1/27/03. Preceding the formal business meeting, refreshments, courtesy of Sugar River Savings Bank and Warner Power were served.

Jim Mitchell, President, called the meeting to order just prior to 6pm. Jim stated that since a quorum was present, business could be conducted. The following slate of officers and directors was put forward for vote:

President- Jere Henley

President Elect- Dan Watts

Secretary-Barbara Scarpino

Treasurer- Ginger Marsh

Director- John Healy

Director- Marc Violette

Director- Steve Brown

Ex Officio- Jim Mitchell

The slate was elected unanimously. It was also announced that the Selectman's representative would be Ed Mical.

Jim then passed the meeting over to newly elected President, Jere Henley. Jere spoke briefly about the need for all members to participate in the organization and look for ways to encourage members to come to the monthly meetings. Meetings had been held at 7:30AM and the Board has decided to try a different time of day- Noon with a lunch being available (at cost). Jim will contact Foothills for catering the food for the next meeting, February 21, 2003. Other Warner restaurants will be asked in turn to cater.

Jere stated that this year he would ask the board to 1) identify and seek new members so that the workload can be shared and 2) seek input from the state, federal or like agency to develop a commercial master plan.

Jere concluded his remarks, thanking Jim Mitchell.

A Treasurer's report was given by Ginger Marsh. Marc Violette made the suggestion that the organization fund the replacement of the fence at the Town Hall, perhaps with a granite fence. Marc will find out prices and contact the selectmen.

There was a brief discussion about establishing a membership committee. Marc Violette agreed to chair the committee, with Kay Steen and Barbara Maki also volunteering for the committee.

Discussion ensued concerning re-establishing the WBA presence at the "Candidate's Night". Marc Violette will coordinate this event and will find a date in March that the Town Hall has open. He will communicate to candidates and members as to date and time.

Ed Mical, Warner Selectman, talked about the upcoming openings for town offices and the deadline for name submission. He also talked about the proposed planning board regulations that will come into effect and do not require a vote by Warner citizens to enact. He urged business members to take an active interest in such changes as the impact on businesses could be great.

The formal business meeting was adjourned.

Dennis Deegan, CEO of Warner Power talked briefly about the company and its products. He stressed that Warner has treated the company well over the years, especially during the time of the fire, and that Warner Power very much appreciates the support the town has given the company.

Respectfully submitted,


Barbara A. Scarpino, Secretary