DIRECTORS MEETING
                                                        February 22, 2002
Present: Jim Mitchell,Marc Violette, Deb Bury, Dan Watts, Barbara Scarpino, Pat Murray, Phil Reeder, Kay Steen, Jim Henley, Jere Henley
Guests: John Healy, Jane Bjorg, Derek Pershouse, John Dabolowitz, Barbara Bartlett, Tom Brennan
Meeting called to order at 8 A.M.
Presentation by the WBA Board of a plaque to Marc Violette for his two years of service to the WBA as President.
Upcoming events:
Candidate's Night sponsored by The League of Woman's Voters on February 28, 2002 7P.M. at the Town Hall.
Promote your business on local cable.  Next session March 8th at 3 P.M.  for 5 area businesses.  Please contact Jim Mitchell at Main St. Bookends for an appointment.
Blood Drive was a huge success.  Future discussion needed regarding another blood drive.
WBA Board member Phil Reeder has been appointed by the Town Selectmen to the Planning Board.  The Planning Board meets the first Monday of every month and the public is encouraged to drop by to voice concerns or listen to new proposals.
Superintendent of Schools Tom Brennan presented to the Board the 9 Articles in proposed school budget.  Areas of concern are increased enrollment in the middle and high schools, much needed building improvements, waste water treatment facility not in compliance with state regulations, and employee compensation.
John Healy addressed the Board regarding the importance of investigative employment screening.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 A.M.
Next Meeting March 22, 2002 at 8 A.M. - Main St. Bookends.