Warner Business Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 15, 2001
Opening comments by Jim Mitchell.  Thanks to MCT Telecom for providing refreshments.
There were enough members present for a quorum to be held.  A motion was made to approve the minutes from the meeting on December 14th.   And another motion was made to approve the treasurers report which consisted of $2150.45 checking, $491.73 savings, and $2383.68 in the 6 month CD.
Jim Mitchell presented the slate of officers nominated by the nominating committee.  A motion was made to accept the slate as listed and stated.  There were no additional names nominated and the motion was passed and duly approved as stated.  Congratulations to all directors voted in for the new year!
Jim recognized the outgoing president Marc Violette for his service and accomplishments for the last two years.   
GOALS FOR 2002 -
These were presented by our new president, Jim Mitchell.
We will be undertaking the task of composing a new brochure.  It is a great marketing tool for us and the town.  The goal for completion and availability is July 4th.
Marc Violette will chair the membership committee.
We will continue the Festival of Trees event to be held annually.  Proceeds to benefit theWarner Beautification Fund.  Congratulations to all WBA members that worked hard to make this event such a success!!
We would like to hold two (2) businesses after hours which will allow businesses to showcase for an evening.  Please contact Jim Mitchell at Bookends if you are interested.
Jim was proud to announce the availability of Yankee Cable Network to promote two businesses each week on channel 10 in New London and channel 13 in Warner.  Taping will be every Thursday morning held at Bookends in the Gallery.  If you would like to promote your business and would like more information please contact Jim at Bookends.  This will be an exciting addition to carry Jim's theme "SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS HAPPENING IN WARNER".
We look forward to promoting Warner and its businesses for the upcoming year!
This was made by Dan Watts of Dimentech.  He spoke briefly about why businesses should have Web presence.  He told what some of the Web terms meant.  He also stated that Domain name were maintained by one registry and updated Worldwide twice a day (I thought this was an amazing fact!).
Dan has updated our web site and we have a new easier address - WWW.WBA.WARNER.NH.US .  Please check it out - he has produced a valuable tool for all of us.  Anyone can send e-mail to the board of directors just by typing wba-board@dimentech.com or to all association members with wba-members@dimentech.com.  Dan can update all the info - just e-mail him at dwatts@dimentech.com.   Thanks for all your efforts!
Notes from the Webmaster:
The floor was opened for Old and New business - there was nothing mentioned.
For miscellaneous business Jere brought up HCR14 a measure to reestablish balanced powers between the legislature and the courts.  This is regarding school funding.  If you have any questions please contact your legislator - J.D. Colcord.  The vote is supposed to take place on Thursday!!
        - It was mentioned to follow up on the proposed guidelines from the site plan review committee - this 22 page proposed guidelines will affect our business community.
The meeting was officially adjourned at approximately 6:45 pm.
respectfully submitted by yours truly,
Donna Arsenault